Working abroad: tips and lessons learned

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Have you ever thought about working in another country? It's a big decision, but it can also be super exciting. In this session, we'll talk about what it's like to work abroad and how you can get ready for it.

We will go through the cool stuff and the not-so-cool stuff about living and working in a new country. We'll see the rules for working there and how you can look for your first job. Plus, we'll talk about how important it is to know the local language for everyday life, even if you can get by with English at work.

I'll also share my own experience as a developer, moving from Greece to Spain and lessons learned. And of course, I've got some funny stories to tell along the way!

So, if you're thinking about working abroad someday, this session could be useful for you. By the end of this talk you would have gained valuable insights to help you take the first step towards your international career adventure.


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